Complete 3D CAD modelling and assembly of components of product.

Class A Surfacing

Class A Surfacing in Consumer Product Design

Class A surfaces are any group of free-form surfaces with excellent efficiency and quality that are used in vehicle design. Class A Surface requires that the transition across the edge be a continuous curve.

This can also be described as a circumstance where you can’t identify where one patch finishes and the other begins because of a reflection. Visualization skills, aesthetic insight, engineering experience, and subject understanding are required for Class A Surfacing.

For visual and artistic parts, including automobile exteriors, Iuova Design services have a team that can meet Class A surface criteria.

Class A surfacing process

Class A surfacing process is done to give the outer aesthetics and styling o the product body. Without state of the art facility, digital sculptures and Compute-aided program we provide the best surface finish for our product to look amazing.