3D CAD Modelling

Complete 3D CAD modelling and assembly of components of product.

3D CAD surface Modelling

3D CAD Sketching is the process where we make the sketches of the product on CAD software such as Sketchbook to make first draft of product. We make multiple designs of the product to determine its aesthetics, Human centered Design, Ergonomics and try to visualize the best proportion for the product.

Class A Surfacing

Class A surfacing process is done to give the outer aesthetics and styling o the product body. With out state of the art facility, digital sculptures and Compute aided program we provide best surface finish for our product to look amazing.

3D CAD Components and design assembly

We Make 3D CAD Models as per dimensional model, we then assemble the complete model with all parts. This is complete assembled design model with all fittings and attachments for the product. This model can further Is send to mold manufacturers for production.

3D CAD Rendering and Product Cataloguing

We also provide service for product rendering and cataloguing, wherein we create realistic renders of the product from 3D CAD Models. These renders give us the idea of how product will look like once manufactured. This renders can be used in catalogues to show to clients, customers etc.

3D CAD Analysis

Once we have made the CAD model of the product, we analyze the stress loads, deformation, etc. to test the strengths of the product using CAD software such as ANSYS. This gives the data of product performance, physical limitations, which allow us to optimize our product and to test the product endurance as part of quality analysis.