Various engineering services such as reverse engineering, 3D Scanning, Tool/Mold / CNC parts Design etc.

Tool Design and Engineering

At Iuova, we are providing die and tool design services for the product we have designed. This includes mold flow analysis for the plastic parameters such as drafts, parting lines, ejection points, manufacturing feasibility, undercut analysis, side core design, shrinkage factor, material filling etc.

We design die and tool in such a way that it is feasible to manufacture product, optimize shot time for high efficiency, to give proper final finish to the product. We have state of the art facility and mold designers with experience over 20 years in field to ensure all above mentioned factors are achieved efficiently in time.

We ensure that we deliver mold with timelines and desired output as per our client. We can design mold of size up to – 1500 mm x 500 mm x 400 mm.

Once our mold and die design is done, we proceed forward with final trail and mass manufacturing of the product.