Complete product design from ideation to final prototype.

Product Ideation

In Product Ideation phase, we decipher the problem with the help of various ideas to provide optimized solution to the problem. Our Team draft various possibilities of solving the problem, we come up with numerous ideas for the product and then we narrow down to best possible solutions for our clients

Product Modelling

Product modeling is the stage where we take the 2d draft sketches and make surface model using CAD software such as Rhino, Catia etc. Then we make components and assemble them using CAD software such as Solid works, Pro E etc. This gives us the final appearance for the product with all components assembled.

Product Analysis

Once we have made the CAD model of the product, we analyze the stress loads, deformation etc. to test the strengths of product using CAD software such as ANSYS. This gives the data of product performance, physical limitations, which allow us to optimize our product and to test the product endurance as part of quality analysis.

Product Prototyping

Once we have made our model on CAD software. It’s time to fabricate a physical model for the same. In prototyping, we 3D print the product, to visualize the product physically and look for any deformities. To study the product physically is the best way to determine its durability, reliability, viability and most importantly its feel.

Product Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the final stage when the product is completely designed and analyzed. We go for the mass production of the product. In this process, we make the mold of the product and mass-produce the product as per requirement. We have manufacturers in India as well as across the globe to make any parts as per requirement.

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