Complete product design from ideation to final prototype.

Product Analysis

Product Analysis is the phase after 3D CAD Modelling, wherein we perform different types of static and dynamic structural, thermal, vibrational test etc, on a simulation software, which gives us the understanding for the strength of our designed product.

Product analysis is basically performed on simulations software, wherein we feed initial boundary conditions such as Force, Pressure, Temperature, Load etc on the surface of the CAD model of our design and provide constraints as per applicable in physical environment.

Analysis software gives us variety of results as per client’s requirement such as stress, deformation, thermal gradient, air flow etc. These results can also be represented in various formats of contour plots, animation videos, pie chart graphic presentation, which helps us identify weaker design sections which
needs to be redesigned to fulfil performance requirement of product.

This stage gives us clarity on engineering perspective of design that we have developed. We can identify performance of product under given boundary conditions.

Product analysis stage gives us clarity on product performance on parameters such as sturdiness, durability, stress yield of material, breakage point etc. These helps us identify weaker sections in products which we optimize again in value engineering stage.