Complete product design from ideation to final prototype.

Product Ideation

Product Ideation is the starting phase for any new development, in which we have review the scope of work from clients.

Our team starts with basic parameter research namely –

1) Vision and Aim for the product development.
2) Target audience for the product.
3) Price segment for product.
4) Design language and theme of product.
5) Manufacturing feasibility and component sourcing.
6) Brand identity of the product.
7) Market feedback on the application of product

Once we have basic parameters, we go to drawings start concept ideation this includes primary sketching, idea brainstorming, aesthetic design language and materials research.

This is a very crucial phase in product development cycle as it lays foundation for creating new design language for product. Its sets clarity and purpose to be achieved in developing the product.

Our designers usually come up with basic design concepts on which we brainstorm keeping in mind all design parameters as above.

We try to achieve an optimum design fulfilling as target parameters and take to the next step.