Complete product design from ideation to final prototype.

Product Manufacturing

Once we have optimized product with optimum working prototype. We proceed to Tool and Die manufacturing for mass production of product.

To manufacture tool and die we perform mold flow analysis for plastic products to identify injection points, material filling parting lines, shrink marks, material shrinkage etc.

This is crucial step in design for mold of product, we verify all parameters to achieve proper material filling in the Dye. We have 20 years’ experience experts in die and tool design with over 300 dye designed and manufactured.

We can manufacturer hot runner or cold runner die as per customer requirement. Our tool is state of the art facility with VMCs, EDM Sparking, Grinding Machine, Lathe, Buffing, turning etc process done inhouse. Our CNC machines can make Die up to 1500 mm in length, 400 mm in width,400 in height.

Once Die is made, we conduct 2 trial for final verification of die and process with samples.

Once sample is approved by customer, we proceed for mass manufacturing of Components for the product.

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