Product Ideation

Product Ideation

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Brainstorming and prototyping are two of the many methods for creating new ideas that can be used in the creative process of ideation. Ideation, when done correctly, aids founders and executives in identifying the correct problem to solve and the most effective method to address it.

A concept popularized by IUOVA DESIGN, product design relies heavily on the ability to generate new ideas. When it comes to Iuova Design, it’s all about finding out what customers really need and how current solutions in the market don’t satisfy those demands. The best business prospects are often found in the nooks and crannies of the market.

The first step in each new development is product ideation, during which we evaluate the scope of work provided by clients.

Our team begins by investigating the most fundamental parameters, namely:

1) Vision and Aim for the product development.
2) Target audience for the product.
3) Price segment for the product.
4) Design the language and theme of the product.
5) Manufacturing feasibility and component sourcing.
6) Brand identity of the product.
7) Market feedback on the application of product

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To begin with, we sketch up our initial ideas, which comprise brainstorms, primary sketches, and the development of an aesthetic design language.

During this step of the product design and development cycle, a new design language for the product is laid out. It establishes a clear direction and goal for the product’s development.

On the basis of these basic design principles, our designers come up with new ideas that we work with while keeping in mind the aforementioned design requirements.

An optimal design that meets our target specifications is something that we strive for and then take to the next level.

When looking for fresh ways to produce ideas, it’s generally a good idea to involve as many people as possible in the brainstorming process.

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