Complete product design from ideation to final prototype.

Product Prototyping

Product Prototyping is the phase wherein we make prototypes using rapid prototyping methods such as 3D printing, Sculpting, vacuum Forming, etc to create a fast prototype of our design.

Prototyping gives us clarity on the form of the product in physical form. We get clarity on form factor, proportions, the aesthetic appeal of the product, also dimensional verification as per CAD Model.

We also address physical problems such as sturdiness, vibrations, touch, and feel of the product which we cannot understand only on basis of 3D CAD model.

Prototyping is the first phase of bringing conceptual ideas to physical form, we address all the above-mentioned parameters, and address any problems which appear at this stage. Post that we work on making those changes and prototype again addressing the final changes.

This process of optimization and value engineering is repeated till we have the final version of the product, which has addressed all problems and is ready to go to market.

Once we have the final prototype model, we go to the next phase of tool design and manufacturing of the product.